Our Mission

At Sterling Rapid Response, LLC our main guiding principle is to improve the health of the patients we serve with a complete commitment to excellence. Our aim is to offer quality mobile vaccination services that are provided in a caring, convenient and cost-efficient manner.

We understand the devastating effect a disease as simple as the flu can have on your bottom line and attendance. Most people need a week to recover from it alone. Add other diseases such as measles and chicken pox in to the mix and you have an entire team out for the count.

Rather than driving all the way to a clinic and waiting in line for hours, your entire team, student body and even medical personnel can get vaccinated on-site. We have approximately 16 employees including two full time Medical Directors, four pharmacists and 10 nurses. Sterling’s highly trained staff has years of clinical, medical, pharmacy and clinical research experience. That is what sets us apart.

Our Vision and Values

We have an all-encompassing vision that takes several industries and people into account. We are dedicated to providing a simple, yet highly critical healthcare solution for employees, patients and communities in a setting that is comfortable and convenient for them. Our scalable and customizable medical vaccination solutions are designed to merge seamlessly into the work day.

Through our efforts, we aim to transform the healthcare experience by fostering a culture of safety, innovation, caring, quality and excellence. Our ultimate aim is to be recognized by patients, families, employees, volunteers and the community as:

  • The best place to work.
  • The best place to practice medicine.
  • The best place to receive care.

Boasting a team of dedicated nurses, physicians, physician assistants and volunteers, we do the right things every day to improve the health of those we serve. It is through this simple premise that we aim to become the best mobile vaccination service. Once the Covid-19 vaccine is available to consumers, we will also provide Covid-19 vaccination services to our esteemed clients.

Our Values

We understand that busy schedules and fear can discourage people from getting vaccinated. To ensure that they don’t have to give it a second thought and get the appropriate vaccine, we have made our service as simple as possible.

All clients need to do is provide us a place to park our van (that is fully equipped with all of the vaccines needed for each job), a clean and private space, as well as a table and at least two chairs. Once we have the list of people we need to vaccinate, we start the process immediately.  Vaccine recipients should bring their health insurance cards so our company can bill their insurance plans directly.